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PostPosted: 2015/05/11 12:06    Post subject:

Thank you for your application.

We were review and reply to it asap.
PostPosted: 2015/05/11 9:31    Post subject: Forgot to mention....

I do not know anyone in your guild, but I am applying in response to a chat I had this afternoon with one of your members who was posting an advert for a monk Tank/Healer.

After a nice chat and being informed that my time limitations would be taken into consideration, I decided to apply.

Thanks for taking the time to read through... appreciated.


PostPosted: 2015/05/11 6:28    Post subject: App: Pandmae

The application submitted by Pandmae is as follows:

Character name::


Prefered role:

Current Level:


Previous servers, guilds, why did you leave them?:
Returning Player for WoD, Always have played on Aerie Peak since vanilla on a variety of Spec, toons and roles, Have most experience as a Holy/Shadow priest with a now defunct Guild Relentless, I have raided during WoD with a guild Paladins Prophecy (Fantastic People) helped me get back into the game a lot, just it was time for me to move on. so I left on good terms with them. I am looking to play as a Brewmaster and off spec as required Healer/DPS, would imagine I am a better healer than DPS though.

Are you applying to other guilds at this moment?:

What are your expectations from Irregulars if accepted?:
To find a progressive, casual raiding guild. Loot is not my thing... but its nice or dramas. I am not looking to go back to Hardcore raiding like my previous times in Warcraft, more casual, but head down and work while raiding and no wasting time, but relaxed. So in short somewhere to hang my hat, and staff... P.S I try to avoid PUG I find the dregs of society linger there as a healer and a tank they get right up my nose as its always either the Tanks or Healers fault for any wipe.... seriously it is if you never knew that.

Average hours /played weekly:

What do you enjoy most/bothers you the most in-game?:
Loot dramas, not turning up on time, time wasting, rude racist and sexist people.oh...and people that flame without explaining what they are flaming about or what they expect.

Members of the Irregulars that can vouch for you:

I like:

Most hated creep:

Anything you'd like to add about yourself or general comment:
I can only make your raid start times on Wednesday and Sunday. The other days I don't get on until 20.30 UK time, as I have family, childcare commitments those days, but I am on after hey go to bed :-)

Following fields are <u>mandatory</u> if you are applying for a <b>raiding</b> position.


Armory or equivalent link.:

Our usual raiding times are 20:30-22:30.<br/>Can you attend at these hours?:

Days, Times you absolutely cannot raid on (school, work, other obligations):
I can raid every day (within reason and a life) but as previously stated after 20.30uk other than Wed and Sun

What is your past raid experience?<br/>Is it on the character you're applying with?:
Raided up to Woltk from Vanilla on a variety of toons and guilds, quit through Cata and MoP (new family) and have returned for WoD and loving Brewmaster

We have 3-4 official raids per week (Wed/Thur/Sun/Mon).<br/>How many of those can you signup for?:


I have <a href=>read</a> and agree with the Guild<br/>|Charter|Rules|Raid Rules|:

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> 2x a Month
Tuesday -> 2x a Month
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> 2x a Month
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always