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re: Irregulars: Guild Rules

Guild code of conduct

We want to keep the guild public channels a "comfortable zone" for all our members regardless of sex, ethnicity, religion etc.
Very forward or private jokes, things that might offend are best kept for other venues (parties with your close friends that you know don't take issue or custom channels)
Guild / Raid chat is for lowest common denominator stuff.
That said, we do love our fun so you'll have to find those limits yourself by testing the waters.
If someone takes offense or is annoyed by something you said on a public channel you're "in the wrong" by default though, however innocent your comment might appear to your eyes.

No trading, no excessive LFG on guild chat.
Guild tradition is that we offer services (crafting) or even materials free on guild chat when we can (you're not obligated to volunteer stuff if you can't afford it/you need them yourself).
If actual trading is required it should move to /whisper and in any case out of guild chat.

Use common sense when looking for help/groups on guild chat.
Ask once or twice on guild chat (don't spam), /whisper guildies that seem idle (in main cities or generally outside instances) but don't impose.
If you didn't get a reply 5min ago and it's still the same people online, chances are they're busy/have other plans.
Guildies are helpful when they can, repeated requests make everyone uncomfortable.


The guild "freezer".
Members can request to be put there themselves if they will take an extended vacation from the game.
Those cases are noted in the officer notes and don't risk removal at least until the time they've said they'll be back.
Members are also placed on that rank if they disappear without notice for over a week.
Two more weeks without any form of contact lead to in-game mail explaining the reason and removal from guild.
Members removed due to inactivity can usually get a re-invite if they come back.

Given to new recruits.
Considered as main in raids where loot is concerned (ie you can roll for loot like other members of the raid).
Doesn't have withdrawal rights to guild bank.
Can't plan events on group calendar, but can signup like everyone else.
Keeps the rank for 2-3 weeks while both him/herself and guild find out if they're good for each other.
Can leave at any time during initiate period and no hard feelings (that's what trial period is for).
Special mention needs to be made to "perpetual initiates".. there are cases where new guildies have done nothing that would warrant removal but also do not involve themselves with guild and remain "strangers".
Avoid getting stuck like that by taking part in guild activities, or if guild does not really suit you, seek your future elsewhere.

Comes after mains for raid spots to progress zones (dungeons that are still challenging to the guild) and official raids.
Comes after mains on need rolls to loot.
Doesn't have withdrawal rights to guild bank.
Can plan and signup to events in guild calendar.

The main rank of the guild, the guild core.
Has all rights to guild resources.
Can expect to be consulted and/or informed for important guild decisions. (if available for contact)
This is _your_ guild if you have a problem or grievance or want to suggest an improvement take it up with an officer or request a guild discussion/meeting.
Irregulars is not a life contract but it's appreciated if you voice your concerns before it comes to the point of leaving.
If it comes to that and your decision is final it's also appreciated to give a bit of advance notice.

Has no loot priority over members.
Has 2 extra obligations and 2 privileges.
- Raiders need a 50% signup ratio on official raids.
We usually do 3-4 raids a week, that means signing up (and being available on raid time as confirmed or standby) for 1-2 raids a week.
Signups are tallied at the end of each month and people that wish it, moved to raider rank or out of it.
- Raiders also need to be aware of the boss abilities for the dungeon they're signing up for, _before entering the dungeon_.
We don't stack our raids with specific class combos so our actual tactics are somewhat "volatile" (adapting to the mix of people we have),
but the basic abilities we work against _must_ be known.
* Raider rank has priority for raid spot (raid balance allowing) over members and alts if signups exceed available spots.
* Raider has an increased guild repairs amount.

Needless to say the above doesn't absolve members from the need to come prepared to raids.
Everyone that wants to raid, bit more intensively or casually should come to raids ready to help and not be carried.

Class adviser:
First point of contact for class/role related questions (builds, gear, general gameplay help) outside of raids.
Helps organize rotation if needed for raid spots.
Helps coordinate his class/role in raids (split buffs and debuffs, make healing or interrupt assignments etc)

Raid Leader:
Raid Leaders post official guild raids, handle raid invites and removals, set goals for the raid and assign masterlooter and assistants.
Raid Leader has the final word on tactics and how to get them to the raid as well as pace.

Officers handle guild invites and removals, give out ranks, set goals for the guild and try to plan the future.
It's the people to contact for problems or suggestions.
They're also the ones to enforce the guild rules (which apply to them as well)

Loot rules
If a point system is used for a raid-zone there will be a separate post with details.

Where rolling is used to show interest we apply a need before greed system:
- Need = mainspec upgrade (tanking upgrade for tank spec, healing upgrade for healing-spec, dps upgrade for dps-spec etc)
resistance or other specialized gear that you can't fulfill your role in a specific encounter without, also falls under need.
- Greed = dualspec or offspec upgrade or sidegrade (dps gear for tank or healer, arcane gear for frost mage, healing/tanking/dps gear for hybrids etc)

There's 2 calls made for every piece of loot.
Need rolls asked:
Mains and Alts can roll but mains have priority over alts.

Greed rolls asked:
All can roll on equal standing.
If no need or greed, items are sharded and shards banked or distributed to raid (bank full case).

To ensure that effort plays a part as well as luck we have an eligibility rule in place for higher tiers of content (no "green -> epic").
Details are posted elsewhere in our forum and updated with each new tier of content released.

We go by 1 epic/per boss/per person rule.
If you win a need roll on a boss, you can still roll need on subsequent items from same boss
but you come after need from members that didn't get anything from it regardless of your roll number.

The raid-leader or officer present can override or advise a roll to be removed in cases of wrong rolls.
(rolling need on a downgrade or sidegrade while another member gets an obvious upgrade etc)

First guild drops of crafting recipes go to appointed guild crafters so they're always available for guildies.
Second+ drops are rolled by members with appropriate professions.


Make sure you have 2, 2 1/2 hours of uninterrupted play available to you (small breaks are planned)
or notify the raid-leader in advance if you expect to need extra afk-time or can't stay the distance.
Frequent unannounced afk is liable to keep you out of subsequent raids.

Read up on the zone if it's your first visit or refresh your memory.
Try to follow tactics and perform at the best of your ability.
Come on time, repaired with consumables/ammo to last you the run.

We have no mandatory addons for raiding but having a threat meter if you're a tank/dps role
and raidframes of your choice is highly appreciated.
If you can perform well with the stock UI no one will force an addon upon you.

We compete against the environment and bosses, not each other.
Mistakes will be pointed out to be corrected during downtime or after the raid, but no form of abusive comment or talking down to others is tolerated.
We don't allow posting of damagemeter stats during raids but you're free to run them or any other addon you choose for your own information.

We appreciate the willingness of every member to help the raid,
but there is a raid-leader and class advisers/officers in raid
for raid coordination.
Focus on your own performance, help the raid with actions not words.

Discussing strategy, submitting new ideas or pointing out mistakes that can be improved are very desirable but
NOT during raid time and particularly NOT during boss attempts.
Use our forum strategy posts, guild chat out of raids, the class channels, /whisper the RL or your class adviser if present during downtime.
You will be given credit for good ideas that we apply but the "everyone's a raid-leader syndrome" leads only to frustration for all involved.

The fun is there to be earned, same as the more tangible rewards.
We earn the right to joke around and relax by making the content easy.
No one will be blamed or should feel bad for learning wipes,
we have a most tolerant environment to mistakes (it's the only way to learn).
Beating challenges with weird class setups, or undergeared due to our nice teamplay and concentration
is our first goal and is what Irregular raiding fun is all about.
Joking around and having a laugh in raids is always nice but it takes second priority or it stops being funny very fast in progress zones. ;)

We can and have bent the progression ladder in the past but we can't break it.
We have a nice community and even our most accomplished raiders don't feel bad doing extra effort so lesser geared and experienced guildies/friends can enjoy new raid zones and improve their character in the process.
However that is a courtesy, not a right.

In other words if your current gear and/or experience doesn't allow you to help in the highest tier we're currently active in, you're expected to try and improve by taking advantage of raids to lower tiers of dungeons.
A good rule of thumb to gauge readiness is if you're comfortable filling up your role as a "main role" in the previous tier of challenges.
Can you main-heal, main-tank or do substantial dps in Tier X raids.
Only 4-5 items are an upgrade for you there?
You're ready to help in Tier X+1.

"The Irregulars are a friendly, community-minded guild.
Our aim is to help each other by assisting in game goals
and pooling our resources so that everyone in the guild benefits.

All for one, one for all,
with a healthy dose of silliness and Monty Python quotes on the side =)"

In the wise-words of our guild founder Mr. Turjan a gentleman and mate extraordinaire.
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