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re: App: joshday02

The application submitted by joshday02 is as follows:

Character name::
Nutine (Jaie as an alt)


Prefered role:
Melee Dps

Current Level:


Previous servers, guilds, why did you leave them?:
Played Bronzebeard since 2007 after Loni got me into WoW, moved over to Tarren Mill to raid with a lot of friends there, now back to levelling and maybe some casual raiding on BB again :)

Are you applying to other guilds at this moment?:

What are your expectations from Irregulars if accepted?:
My nan (Lonicera) has been in the guild for as long as I can remember, and it's always come across as a friendly guild to be a part of. I'm not looking to raid at all yet, though I just wanted a friendly atmosphere for me/alts/friends on Bronzebeard to level peacefully in :)

Average hours /played weekly:

What do you enjoy most/bothers you the most in-game?:
Enjoy? The WoW community, and well, WoW.
Bothers? Nothing much, sometimes unbalanced classes (used to do a LOT of rated PvP!).

Members of the Irregulars that can vouch for you:

I like:

Most hated creep:

Anything you'd like to add about yourself or general comment:
Original char (some may know me as): Hydwn
Current Main (only character I really play): Nutine (alt on BB [hopefully to join as too!]: Jaie)

Just like to tuck myself away and play the game really, WoW holds a lot of memories for me so just looking for a nice atmosphere to enjoy myself in :)

Following fields are <u>mandatory</u> if you are applying for a <b>raiding</b> position.



I have <a href=>read</a> and agree with the Guild<br/>|Charter|Rules|Raid Rules|:

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Don\'t Know
Monday -> Don\'t Know
Tuesday -> Don\'t Know
Wednesday -> Don\'t Know
Thursday -> Don\'t Know
Friday -> Don\'t Know
Saturday -> Don\'t Know

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re: APPROVED - App: joshday02 - by Daizhun

Thanks for the application. We will process it and get back to you as soon as possible.


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